Friday, December 30, 2011

the kitchen as sleight of hand

One designer thinks that kitchens are becoming soooo sophisticated that they will ultimately reach a point where they don’t even look like a kitchen — all appliances will be concealed, and we’ll see an increase in leisure items, like recliners, TVs, video games, and so on. So I say, why not just circumvent the whole ordeal of redesigning the kitchen and add a bar fridge to the end of the sofa, and a wall oven under the coffee table, so you can cook your food right there. TV dinners and tray tables anyone?

Another designer declares that with our reduction in cooking skills — and increased reliance on packaged and freeze dried foods – we’ll need something else in the kitchen, like TV, to interest us. Otherwise the kitchen will be a bore.

Another said that the kitchen will continue to evolve as social space, whether it’s used for actual eating or not. What a novel idea, and full circle from the culinary high artform that kitchens are touted to be these days. So if we don’t actually use them for eating, why bother with $6000 stoves, and two wall ovens, and so on and so forth. All you need is a bar fridge (beside the sofa) and a microwave under the coffee table.

Bon appetito!

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