Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Fog Lifts

Since Belinda tells me she found it sad that my last post before hiding away for 3 months was darkness falls, I figured I'd post again with a brighter title.

I've been holed up with my computer the last while writing a book on home staging -- more on that later, since I really didn't think bursting onto the book publishing scene would be with a decorating book, but there you have it. During it all, or perhaps because of it all, my mind keeps wandering to home improvement, and especially that kitchen floor.

I have just finished reading Maxine Hancock's Living on Less and Liking it More, and realize that my $80K kitchen floor is yet another example of how "just one thing more" before I'm truly happy consumes and conquers us.

So I will repair the floor (although first I have to reinforce the joists underneath and reinsulate it), but I won't get a new kitchen, or knock out walls, or subject us all to plaster dust, or worse having to move elsewhere for a month while it's done... and I'm really quite happy about it.