Monday, January 07, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I may have posted this at some point already, but given I'm so forgetful these days -- mid-life hormones and overwork I'm betting -- I'll just post it again, cuz it's cute.

It was probably last year sometime, but my daughter (now 8) was outside on the porch and my husband, who happened by the open screen door, saw her looking up at the sky and saying: God? Where are you? Are you there? God? Gawd? Where are you?

A week or so before then, she and her dad were having a conversation about Joseph -- who he was. Her dad said he was Jesus' father, and Anna said no, that God was Jesus father. So her dad explained that he meant Joseph was the earthly father. And Anna said no God was that too. Then she said to him: You don't know these things, Daddy. You don't know Jesus. You used to know Jesus when you were a child, but you don't know him now.

She's also a nag! A while later, she asked (on the way to church) why Daddy didn't go to church, and when I said it's because he doesn't believe in God, she was shocked. "Whaaaat? He doesn't believe in God? How could you NOT believe in God?!?! He's EVERYWHERE!!!! He's in the car, beside me, he's outside, he's on the sidewalk, in the trees, in heaven,........"

And then when we got home, she asked her dad point-blank why he didn't believe in God and he told her because he didn't believe in God, which started up the hue and cry anew.

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