Friday, August 11, 2006

Going to the Dogs

OK, now I finally get it. The other day I saw a guy out walking (or maybe it was jogging) and he had a pooch in a stroller. How ridiculous is that. Well, apparently, not very....

Today I was reading some back clippings, stuff I'd saved for a time such as this, and I read about the doggie strollers that are like baby jogging strollers. Isn't the whole point of a dog, though, to let them get some exercise?

Continuing in this vein, there's a store in Toronto devoted to dogs, and it sells school uniforms (yes, for dogs), hoodies, tennis dresses, Hawaiian shirts and even wedding dresses. (I wonder -- if it's a same sex marriage, who gets to wear the dress??)

Lastly, there's a much bigger trend in small dogs, like Yorkies, daschunds, chihauhaus, etc. because of the travel lifestyle, and the ease of being able to carry a dog on board when it's as small as that.

Now all we need is for Al-Quaeda to figure out how to make a walking suicide bomb out of a lapdog.

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Tuco said...

There are specifically designed "small dog" carrying bags too. I.E. purse sized. I don't know about small dogs. somehow they found a loophole around the "survival of the fittest" species idea.

Take care!