Monday, July 31, 2006

Gender specific decor

Lately, my daughter has been playing a video game called Animal Crossing. In it, these little gremlin-like animals putter around their community, knocking on each other's doors, receiving mail, finding things at the dump, trading up or down for goods -- larger homes, decorative items, etc.

While it does bother me that the DIY home remodeling craze has hit such a young demographic, there's something anthropologically interesting about the choices of each of my children (13 year old son plays too).

Today, A proudly showed off her new home. Inside was a splendid fuschia and green oriental carpet, and wallpaper that resembled an ivy-covered brick wall that you might see in a garden. It was really quite a stunning tableau. She then "took" me over to her brother's house to see what he had in his lair. There was a couch, a TV, a fridge and stove (no sink, however, because who needs to wash dishes or lettuce leaves?), a dinosaur skeleton, a ping pong table, and a bobbing bird "perpetual motion" kind of toy.

How telling is that?

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