Tuesday, December 06, 2005

trees for witness?

The other part of that Dec 1 story in the Star about Christmas trees was the trouble and expense some go to for exterior lights.

As it says, "There are plenty of contractors who will do the labour, saving a homeowner from climbing up a ladder in the cold, but a growing number of companies will sell the whole decoration package, such as Illuminations (http://www.illuminationscanada.com). Owner Mitch Levine, working with a small crew, provides a lifetime guarantee on the products he sells, for as long as he continues to put up and take down the decorations. His clientele averages $800 for a first-year installation, which includes lights, extension cords, timers and the take down, but he also has clients who spend $3,000 and more."

Apparently, these guys operate lawn care companies in the summer, but the Christmas stuff keeps them going through the long hard cold winter.

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