Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Accurately Away In A Manger

We sang Away in a Manger on Christmas Day. No surprise that, but I noticed that one line had been changed -- while I was belting out the traditional verse and everyone else was singing the new one.

Instead of reading: The little Lord Jesus no crying he makes, it had been rewritten that The little Lord Jesus a sweet sound He makes.

Well, in the tradition of St John the evangelist who saw the Incarnation in all its 100% humanity, and 100% divinity, I say that stinks as a replacement.

If Jesus was a real little baby, then he made sounds -- lots of them, and noisy ones. So don't go replacing a silent baby with one that coos, because I've had a couple of babies and they rarely coo, especially when they're lying in straw, and especially if it's filthy.

So please, whoever rewrites the carols, could you please go the whole way and say like it is?

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